Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year's Resolution.

Is to pull my fucking socks up and stop being lazy with my work.

I'm goin' places fools.

Probably last post of the year.

It's insane how quick this year has gone but it has been none but the best. Liberating if anything.
I'm in Bournemouth tonight, with my dear housemate joe and others... will have a right knees up. I went to sleep yesterday at 7pm and woke up at 4.30am which is an incredible amount of sleep for me, so set up for tonight's antics.
I can't be bothered with the train today though, will just get a serious sketch on. I'm not going to say it incase i jinx it, but i think i have a great opportunity arising for me, even perhaps to make a little bit of money!
Random little drawing there for you..
I've had a good past few days, went to Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Though was abit too much as it was insanely packed but i will go back there another time. I've started this idea of creating "Archives" of imagery, so i shall go back when it's less busy to start that off again. Was so strange being in the NHM as it's been like over 12 years properly since i've been. I used to go on like a weekly basis with my dad, was strange how a certain glance of a item or place triggered a real memory.
I also ate a ridiculous amount of Sushi, forced George to go to Yo Sushi. It is just too good. 
Also Discovered High Wycombe, it's aight, i liked it.
Waited on my sister for like 4 hours in London yesterday to go to a Dior Fashion Illustration Exhib and some Photography ones too, but thanks to national rail that didn't happen. Went to Spitafields, squared up some men selling cameras for ridiculous prices, no one can fool me. Had some Wagamamas... 
Really badly need to clear this room up, it ain't looking good.

Too ready to go back to uni.

I just realised how sad i am, when i woke up earlier at 4.30am pretty wide awake i thought, "ahh yeah time to scan some shit up..." 

i like this.
These are just photographs that have come out shit so i drew on them out of boredom.
I spent about 2hrs 1/2 in this cafe just off Carnaby Street yesterday, just drawing whilst waiting for my sister. I felt eyes bore on me, and almost sympathy from the staff of this Cafe, i think they thought i got stood up. I hope i don't always give that impression, i'm always a loner in Cafes with my sketchbook. One of the staff came up to me and ask if i was alright, not just in the way "Is your greek salad alright?" which it was... More so "Are you alright? Don't worry he is a cunt who evcr has left you sitting here with just 3 drinks later and trying to look busy with your book.." It got too much so i left.
No one fucking stands me up... fools.
Was strange how my favourite book shop 'Material' in Kingly Court was there on Tuesday (closed) and then yesterday the entire shop has been cleared out and all evidence of it's existence except the shop title has gone..
I was quite sad to see that go.
Being home and going out has been too tame, tonight should level out my christmas holidays.

Monday, 27 December 2010

i thought it be fun to scan my face but my eyes just hurt now.

fuckin about with text.
Feel like i'm starting to crash, wish i had some sushi for breakfast.
Fuck it i'm going to go to London alot earlier than i planned, i fancy getting some more molotows.

Less moaning, more work.

Although i could cry how awful this scanner is that i'm having to use compared to my other one..
I was rummaging around in the voids (storage cupboards on the side of the house) for my sega megadrive but i came across this little treasure..
Got to love a ronnie, decided this book is mine now though. 
I've noticed i've drawn alot of mermaid type of things lately, i don't even like them really, just been chucking gas masks on them. I also hate the current stylized Gypsy and nautical tattoos you see knocking about, each to their own, but not my cup of tea. Although i love these drawings in this book, you could saw my work is what i just said i hate. But i fucking love art nouveau and deco style, would be an era i'd love to live in. I'm hatin' on these designs people are getting on them of gyspys and women when it means fuck all. On the other hand my house mate sophie has amazing tattoos in the style, yet she has Gypsy in her blood so it works so well. (I said i wasn't going to moan on this post, didn't last long eh?) 
Basically, i guess i'm trying to defend myself on some of my drawings.. but some of peoples taste in the latest zeitgeist is bollocks. I've probably offended a few on the nautical tattoos hatin' but then that's your fault for getting something so unoriginal isn't it.
This is inspired by that book, i dunno, i just like drawing half naked women i'm not going to lie.
This may be hypocritical, but i do plan to get a sleeve done with creatures of the sea. Like not on showing on outside of my arm, but inside where my fish is. But not like stylised to that theme, just how i draw. Need to get fish touched up as i feel it's looking lame. I was also going to get a octopus done, but recently found out a friend has planned to get that done, not as original as i thought i was am i? Pah.
 A friend has lent me this graphic novel called "The Vesuvius Club" it's ridiculous the drawings.  Which is about the greatest portraitist of the Edwardia age/ secret agent. Also entails  purple zombies, nuff said.
Favourite pages i think?
Love the clothes, detail and expressions. Also this next page is truly amazing.
Haaa, i love it.


How i will be today, i went out last night in the intentions to get very drunk so that it would help me get to sleep. Well, i managed to get fucked on jagermeister, and on the part of sleeping.. i find myself sobering up and feeling really strange. Going to be a tourist today, checking out the natural history museum and science ect. I love it, i'm a real nerd secretly, well it isn't a secret, i take pride in all the facts i know, for example.. about trees?
I'm always half alive, i should be fast asleep but here i am scanning. It's contagious.

That's for nostalgia.

Sunday, 26 December 2010


I just bought my secret garden party ticket, and i think that's why i probably can't sleep right now as i've been going through photographs from last year. I'm not going to rant how amazing it was, because if you weren't there, then you will never get it. But i highly suggest that you do go in 2011 if you know what is good for you.
Here is some photos that adam took, also follow his blog - //HERE>>
I got some negs to scan up, who knows what they will posses.
Something that i liked today..
"I am not particularly clever, or artsy, or interesting. In fact, my life generally revolves around alcohol, a sense of shame, and my precious dole money.
Yeah, that's my life right there.  
However, I am fine with that. I waste every penny I have on train tickets and cheap cider and end up the most wankered person in town. I wake up, feel stupid, go out, buy some more cider and drown the sorrows. It is a vicious yet wonderful circle. But then who needs self respect when you can have Frosty Jacks." -adam gilbert est.92
Unlike everyone else we spent time at the tents watching karl pilkington on my ipod, that's true.
Stole a drum.
And that me.
man o man i should sleep but i'm too psyched about going to Yo!Sushi and getting some clothes to wear as i've got fuck all here. 
Also get to see my friend Ebi, whose name means shrimp in japanese. 

Well this is just embarrassing, for who i'm not sure.

Hopefully my broken scanner at home will work so i can put some images up soon... nether less..

Flattery is fickle, i think, either can take it with a pinch of salt and think it's a compliment..
Yet i can imagine most people who are in the arts have had this thought and even know plagiarism is what the result of what cunts do. It is i guess how we all inspire each other and develop new moments...
Not to the point when you are just a cunt.
But anyway i'm not one to normally give a fuck about these things, but when a person literally does what you do "WORD FOR WORD" i hope you loose your thumbs so you can't ever pick up a pen and copy shit. So your ability to be prehensile will cease.

I got a spice rack for christmas, pretty beaming. Thought you ought to know...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I know how my first night back in Bournemouth will be like..

Too excited to see Joe and Lou.

Possibly the worst christmas present one could get.

“50. Pray for someone. If you just don’t have the money to spend gifts for people, make them a card and explain your situation.  Let them know that each day for the next week you are going to be praying for them so if they have any specific requests they can let you know.

I’m pretty skint and i get paid on xmas eve, so was getting some ideas and i came across this. The thought someone praying for me every day would make me feel sick, whoever wrote this idea is a complete bint. 

If anyone is getting a present from me this year, expect a melted vinyl in a shape of a bowl, deal with it.

I'm a creep.

I can't sleep, well i can never sleep at night. I'm always up at this hour, lurking in my room, being a creep. I love it normally but being back home in Essexs means i'm not sprawled on my bed smoking copious amounts and gorming to music fairly selfishly loud. I also can't really do work as all my shit is in Bournemouth, and to be honest i can't really be fucked.
It's christmas eve today, but i've decided i'm not going to sleep today, not yet. Yesterday i woke up at 4pm and i felt horrifically unhealthy all night in my pyjamas, also watching my sister wrap all the presents she has got for people. And i find myself sitting on the sofa slightly panicking that i have got zilch for anyone, though i'm only buying for my grandparents and sister and cat presents, everyone else can fuck off. 
Though i'm going to stay up, and i will head into town fairly early i think, i'm desperate for a Latte. I'm meant to be meeting kris today and be playing Sega with him, yet i'm having trouble digging it up out of the void. 
I got all the games, Sonic, Streets of Rage, Paper Boy, Batman.... it will be pretty intense. But anyway, i really desperately want to buy this for myself..
I just know it will increase my ability to be actually functional so much, it's like £139, that isn't too bad. I might just go and do it tomorrow and hide it from my family, it will only anger them more how irresponsible i am with my money. I also plan to buy train tickets to go to Paris today to see my dear friend James Rowbottom. Only to the point Eurostar website is being a cunt and won't let me. 

I want to talk about the night i had, last monday and how strange it was. I went to Cambridge for student night and everyone was out pretty much. I remember how much i fucking hate Fez, just made me appreciate so much how i am at uni and not stuck there. (Sorry if you are, maybe this will motivate you to leave.) But i got a chance to see most people, but not really actually talk to them. At the end of the night we had a travelodge room for us, and got the impression that we could easily sneak in 10 people. Obviously not. I don't know how my sister manage to party with Babyshambles in that exact travelodge and not get chucked out, i don't know. 
I felt shit as people had to leave, didn't get to see them properly. But anyway, we got charged a £150 fine for smoking, the eastern european manager was shouting at us it was all too much so Jayson fell asleep. Abby, Kris and I took a hot bath, and it was spectacular. 
Friends should take baths together more often. The manager basically came in on us thinking we had more people smuggled in, and then became so embarrassed about the situation he walked on to. Which was good, he became scared of Kris and most likely thought he was a Pimp, seriously. 
No fine, Pizza at 7am, Sick in the towels, broken keycards. It was all ok in the end. Apart from i think i have..

"Orthostatic hypotension, also known as postural hypotension,[1] orthostasis, and colloquially as head rush or a dizzy spell, is a form of hypotension in which a person's blood pressuresuddenly falls when the person stands up. The decrease is typically greater than 20/10 mm Hg,[2] and may be most pronounced after resting. The incidence increases with age.[3]"

I have problems when i get out of a hot bath it seems.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Some point soon, i really want to do some animation. But film it like this, or make it so like crap that it's good. I fucking love the short animations that where on Liquid Television, 90's tack, gotta love it.

Nautical Nonsense- i need to buy this print asap.

There was this exhibition in 60 million postcards called "Nautical Nonsense" by This Is...
I didn't get a chance to go, but i spend some of my free time in this coffee shop called Coffee L'amour, it's great for doing work upstairs as it's pretty chilled. And the coffee's good and cheap to students.
But they exhibit some of the work, and i'm actually so in love with this print...
This is by Louise Wyatt i believe, i don't know the mediums it was done with but i'm guessing pencil and ink, and marbling effect? It's only six pounds on the website for a poster, when i get paid i am definitely getting one and perhaps a nice frame for it. I really want to start buying actual pieces of arts or special prints and eventually when i have this amazing house have it all hanging up would be amazing. 

I went to a gallery in cambridge yesterday with three friends and some of the work was standard, "contemporary" but too average for my liking. Other bits so stylized it look like it should of been for a "Get Well" card or some tack, was quite shocked to see it. But then some amazing pieces hiding between the mediocre pieces, some really insane pieces. 
This one piece of art really got me, it was of these lilies pads and koi carps, but something about this painting was amazing. You had to see it to get what i mean. 
But anyway, it was worth like £4,000.00 and i felt abit embarrassed being in this gallery, but yet made my day when the woman who owned the place asked me if i was interested. She actually thought i probably had 4 grand knockin' about to buy a painting. I felt pretty sophisticated, i won't lie. 

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Art School Girls of Doom, i want to be them. Love this animation so much, so trashy. 

Swimming in shit.

Eurgh, what to do with myself.

All too familiar..

This scenario, but this is a little bit different as i can't escape to my refuge of a cold room, as no electricity or gas.  General being wide awake is such a pain, especially when it clashes against people who prefer the day light, that ain't me.
Might bust of a few drawings, if only i can find a pen here.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Never felt so horrific, what do i do with myself. Especially when sitting in a cold dank room and duvets feel miserably wet. I don't know why i haven't gone home yet, like i'm waiting here still thinking something good is going to happen, how wrong i am.
Eurgh and my internet is being a cunt and taking ages to upload images.

Monday, 6 December 2010

More mutants.


Thought not.

Think of all the tampon applicators and macdonalds toys knocking about in the ocean still, dunno why the would be, but imagine..

I bought the book "Life" by David Attenborough as i love the documentary so much. Gave me real good pictures to copy from, but i've given it extra features like fins or eyes.
I always thought radioactive waste gave animals gentetic mutations, in a way it's pretty cool. Yet cuntish that our doings are making them into animal invalids. Like even though in Finding Nemo, Nemo wasn't genetically retarded by toxic waste.. i hated him cos he was such a spak.
Swear frogs are always knocking about in ponds that buzz around nuclear powerpoints. 

New Project on the go go..

Been given the word "Waste" to mess about with this time, which i like actually. Even though i've had a project before called "Decay" i've taken a different approach.
I've looked into mutant marine animals, and my inspiration is mainly "Blinky" from The Simpsons,  my mind is like a filing cabinet. It just pulled that random image from the back of my mind and that gave me something to go on.

The whole point of this project is to just draw shit, so i have. I drew some stuff when i was pretty fucked and it looked like this... The project is "Drawing Approaches" and i guess i have tried a different approach. Pony, Old music and joe in my room til the early hours created some of this shit i ain't gunna lie.
My goldfishes Jeanine and Gus where real inspiration. 
 i need a larger scanner, but the one i have is still dope. 
And more..
hup, octo.

Friday, 29 October 2010

It's no fun being nocturnal.

I don't know what i'm doing, normally it's normal for me to be up at this hour pottering about making something. But i'm not i'm just sitting in bed smoking and staring out of the window till sunrise, then sleep and wake up about 6.00pm. Missing out on important things, or i stay up and don't even go to sleep then go to uni and i'm like a zombie, can't even form a sentence.
I hate the project i'm currently doing, i should probably be emmersing myself straight into it like everyone else has, i'm not interested. I've done the whole CD design thing last year and the word i got is really gay.
Some people on my course are really really gay bellends.

Joe and i bought some fake blood and told sophie i got hit by some old sket in the kebabery in Charminster, she didn't really care. Rolled back over to sleep on the sofa, i love that about sophie.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Well, evidently it has been a long while..

But that's because i had started uni and was having frolics and antics to the plenty. Now i'm back to my routine of being nocturnal and sitting up just thinking about shit, like not "deep" shit, just stupid things. Like who else is up at this hour, what are they like, are they thinking the same? Obviously no one is.
My project i've started i feel is pretty lame, everyone else seems to be doing great on it. But designing a cd cover ect, i did that in the first term of college. Also i hate how big our illustration course is, like 70 people come on.
I was having doubts at first on my course wondering whether i should been doing Fine Art, but then heard what happens in that course being force fed shit. I realised i'm better off doing illustration.. Plus, you can't make a living of street art can you, unless you just put shitey stencils of "controversial" shit about. Blah.
I'm putting mother fucking shells about town, yeah that's right.
I went to the Oceanarium with a friend Mel, who is second year in illustration and that place is fucking cool.
I bought a bag of shells for like £3.50 and put "Flint Eastwood" on it, cos i'm cool and leaving them about.
Hopefully i will get my hands on using the fuck off printer in the studios to do some sick wheatpastings, eventually..

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ghost world..

I really can't sleep, and i have so much to do tomorrow. Whenever i'm like this i just read all my comics i have, well 'graphic novels.' Like i don't mean marvel stuff, i use that to renovate furniture, seriously..
Fucking love Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, i can't explain it, but it's fucking good.
Sort of in limbo now just waiting to go and be, but this place now is really strange at the moment.
I am writing shit, as it is 05.05am. But as many times i try and put my head down and sleep, it just doesn't work. I don't really expect anyone to read this, and if you do, i'm sorry you came across my blog ha. Isn't the most exciting thing lately, as i've been in a ghost world since april and just waiting to do something productive of my time.
Listening to Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington podcasts when trying to sleep helped past few nights but now, nada. i always become insomniac in the summer, just stay up late watching films and making shit. But then i'm so shit in the day, can't make plans because i won't wake up.
This is boring what i'm writing.
Make your move.

Moleskine shit.

This is just some shit that i have knocking about in my moleskine books, cos i'm so fucking indie. Seriously though, they are just good to draw in..
 I bought one of those big packets of sharpies when i had an hour to wait at London Liverpool Street station, i swear i've wasted a quarter of my life at train stations. I kept drawing cluster like messes of colour for ages, i dunno why it came about. But yeah your not aloud to say brainstorm as you may offend someone, like how you can't say baa baa black sheep COS THAT'S RACIST. Or Merry Christmas signs in the streets COS IT MAY OFFEND SOMEONE. When the only people who are worrying about these sayings are middle class white people with too much time to think about things.

                                                    I really like drawing manky teeth.
This was a worm, then i realised worms don't have teeth but they should do as they eat mud, so it wants to be a leech. Someone said it's like the sandworms in Beetlejuice, maybe subconsciously  i've been thinking of them..
Little things..


I've written about these on my tumblr, my back hurts and i can't be fucked to write.

                                                                          Broke out.
I dunno why i drew this.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to the old blogging ways..

Even though old ways were tumblr more so, but i can juggle two on the go.
Back into drawing now, i'm myself now ha. Just want to be in a educational enviroment now and i mean that. I've been bumming around too long now, since april, that's spring. All summer i've just been passing through everywhere, too much of a drifter. Not that i don't like that, hate being confined to one thing or a boring routine. 
Gunna scan up some shit from my moleskine, i'm so fucking indie. Ah well, it's decent to carry and draw in. Listening to "The Ricky Gervais Guide To... the Arts (Unabridged)" and as much as i love karl pilkington, his opinion on art is annoying me. Art isn't just a space filler on the wall, ha. 

I went on about this on my tumblr blog but i will now on here, because i don't get it. Animals with rectangular pupils. These three animals have it...
A goat, you know is a mammal and it's a weird animal it like wants to be a sheep but isn't but is, sheep have the same weird eyes. So basically i'm going to say a sheep and a goat is the same thing. Just more horns.

With a frog like rec eyes is kinda not unusual just a frog isn't it.

And then a fucking octopus, like why, there is no connection in these animals, mammal, amphibian and mollusc type fish.
I don't even know why i'm making a post on this, it's well late, should be asleep as got to be up and drive someone.
Don't even know where my keys are, but oh well. 

But yeah, i'm craving a big tattoo soon.. It's been a while.