Monday, 30 May 2011

I hate sunrise


I'm really excited for this,

Excuse the lucid colours, these are some stickers i've made and my scanner is playing up. The colour is alot more subtle with my 'On the run' markers. I've been making alot of these and was gunna stick them around everywhere i go, but i've somehow manage to seal a deal with the german street artist "List" to do a swapsies.
 I guess it isn't a great deal, but it's great to exchange work with other artists and help each other out. Will be exciting to see my stickers out in Frankfurt and Berlin.
Check out his flickr some good things there!


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I went to visit my sister as she had her Graduate Fashion Show in Knitwear, you can check out her stuff here, it's really worth it. CLICK HERE
I spent my time in nottingham making stickers on the train, 6 hours is alot of spare time...
Approaching sticker art more than i have done before, as i did look into vinyl stickers but no way could i afford it, so i've been making my own. Which i guess i think look alot better in a way?
Here are some photographs, bare in mine when i put them out at night i was quite drunk, and ended up sticking them on people...
Excuse the poor quality, as my other camera is still being annoying so i've just used my iphone as it's easier.
I was hoping my stickers would blend in perfectly with some advertisement. 

                                         This guy didn't really get what was happening..
I love this guy, i'm not sure what he was dressed up as, someone from thunderbirds maybe? He appreciated the slap on the butt cheek with ugly. 

Ha, i love this, why did someone feel the need to write "Sex?" Like back at home in essexs, down the road at my local corner shop someone has written "Kirsty is fat." What a statement that is, i love what must go through some peoples minds..
                                                                           Android love

big belly?
Gap feelin' ugly
I wish i had some coffee capsules.
I was abit too eager for my sister to find this in her car..
Weird tap thing.

Optimus came join the party, i love hand drawn stickers. But i kept seeing this little robot thing all around notts, if anyone knows who it is i'd love to know!


It all started one night on Old Street where i was very drunk and was calling everyone Ugly... God knows why, but yeah.
I've been researching, thinking, and talking about this to a few friends. I'm currently wanting to set up a fan zine, but unlike the previous project we did on the course i don't want it to look decent. I think fan zines have defiantly lost their meaning, mass produced, cheap and trashy. That's what i'm hoping to achieve and get it published and sent out to several places like bournemouth, london, brighton and cambridge perhaps. 
These are early days, but by the end of the summer i hope to achieve something with it.  

Steve Buscemi has inspired me for the "Hey Ugly" zine, i won't explain why but yeah. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Summer holidays.. i'm working full time.

Big plans. 

I really want to write about them now, but that will just spoil the fun. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

straight outta winton

Tonight all of my shrooms and weeds have popped up around winton high street and down the residential roads. I felt that i'm going to start off close and slowly stretch out to a wide area. I don't want to be doing this on a weekly basis, as it will become tiresome and predictable. Monthly i will bring out my designs so depending how long they last before someone rips them down, people will be looking out for them.

I've had mixed thoughts about pasting around Bournemouth, firstly i was very keen as it was somewhere new. But then when i first went out several months ago, i didn't find it as enjoyable. I just wasn't feeling it, there isn't a great amount of work from other people around town but then maybe i could change that. Tonight is the first night i've gone out with a selection of relevant work focusing on organic forms that we consider to be waste. 
But after a while i felt good about it again, like i used to when i was constantly wheat pasting. I don't know why i felt strange about it for a while, i think perhaps i found it hard to realise with my personal work i can use it for uni work. 
I always like placing some of my work near someone elses, i doubt you can really call this "THC" work, but i guess this crap tag is shown up by something different and not expected.
I placed most of my work in places where it blended in or it stood out. A woman walked past me and said in a sarky way "Do you need any help there? I think you do.." 
i just looked at her, and said i think i'm alright. She would be one of those people who won't ever understand what i do, it didn't matter that i was wheat pasting dainty flowers or tagging "fuck" on the wall, she didn't approve. That's the demise in out race ha, i want to make people appreciate the littlest of gestures.
I think the minimal selected part of colour works, as otherwise there could be too much going on, the simpler the better i feel.
Here's the rest of the photos, i won't put them all on here, but you can view the others on my...




And Cargo Collective

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The kernel loves it.

By the way, i don't have some weird obsession with fungas, it's just pretty fun to draw.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Preppin' and pastin'

Just getting most of my work rounded up and chosing what i'm going to paste tomorrow. I'm looking at weeds and organic forms that grow around us but we don't realise or we just take it for granted. Just leaving them in places where you would expect them to be if you really did look.
I know that carry this on through on over the summer, as with more time i reckon i could achieve alot. 
I was going to spend my time drawing more plants, but i thought about it and wasn't too sure if these would work successfully as a paste. I've been looking at drawing fungus and such forms and creating a much simpler design.

These are just a selected few that i have done.
I wanted to use a select amount of colour, just enough for it to look simple, yet eye catching.
Planning to set these about town tomorrow evening, so photographs will be following up.