Thursday, 30 December 2010

Probably last post of the year.

It's insane how quick this year has gone but it has been none but the best. Liberating if anything.
I'm in Bournemouth tonight, with my dear housemate joe and others... will have a right knees up. I went to sleep yesterday at 7pm and woke up at 4.30am which is an incredible amount of sleep for me, so set up for tonight's antics.
I can't be bothered with the train today though, will just get a serious sketch on. I'm not going to say it incase i jinx it, but i think i have a great opportunity arising for me, even perhaps to make a little bit of money!
Random little drawing there for you..
I've had a good past few days, went to Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Though was abit too much as it was insanely packed but i will go back there another time. I've started this idea of creating "Archives" of imagery, so i shall go back when it's less busy to start that off again. Was so strange being in the NHM as it's been like over 12 years properly since i've been. I used to go on like a weekly basis with my dad, was strange how a certain glance of a item or place triggered a real memory.
I also ate a ridiculous amount of Sushi, forced George to go to Yo Sushi. It is just too good. 
Also Discovered High Wycombe, it's aight, i liked it.
Waited on my sister for like 4 hours in London yesterday to go to a Dior Fashion Illustration Exhib and some Photography ones too, but thanks to national rail that didn't happen. Went to Spitafields, squared up some men selling cameras for ridiculous prices, no one can fool me. Had some Wagamamas... 
Really badly need to clear this room up, it ain't looking good.

Too ready to go back to uni.

I just realised how sad i am, when i woke up earlier at 4.30am pretty wide awake i thought, "ahh yeah time to scan some shit up..." 

i like this.
These are just photographs that have come out shit so i drew on them out of boredom.
I spent about 2hrs 1/2 in this cafe just off Carnaby Street yesterday, just drawing whilst waiting for my sister. I felt eyes bore on me, and almost sympathy from the staff of this Cafe, i think they thought i got stood up. I hope i don't always give that impression, i'm always a loner in Cafes with my sketchbook. One of the staff came up to me and ask if i was alright, not just in the way "Is your greek salad alright?" which it was... More so "Are you alright? Don't worry he is a cunt who evcr has left you sitting here with just 3 drinks later and trying to look busy with your book.." It got too much so i left.
No one fucking stands me up... fools.
Was strange how my favourite book shop 'Material' in Kingly Court was there on Tuesday (closed) and then yesterday the entire shop has been cleared out and all evidence of it's existence except the shop title has gone..
I was quite sad to see that go.
Being home and going out has been too tame, tonight should level out my christmas holidays.

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