Friday, 29 October 2010

It's no fun being nocturnal.

I don't know what i'm doing, normally it's normal for me to be up at this hour pottering about making something. But i'm not i'm just sitting in bed smoking and staring out of the window till sunrise, then sleep and wake up about 6.00pm. Missing out on important things, or i stay up and don't even go to sleep then go to uni and i'm like a zombie, can't even form a sentence.
I hate the project i'm currently doing, i should probably be emmersing myself straight into it like everyone else has, i'm not interested. I've done the whole CD design thing last year and the word i got is really gay.
Some people on my course are really really gay bellends.

Joe and i bought some fake blood and told sophie i got hit by some old sket in the kebabery in Charminster, she didn't really care. Rolled back over to sleep on the sofa, i love that about sophie.

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