Friday, 25 November 2011

Bring me monday.

I have no money and all i have to eat is some really disappointly average peanut butter and brown bread. Should of gone for Sun Pat. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My brand spanking new desk.

This is my work space, thanks to a friend who has left the course to discover the world i have this amazing desk. Built in light box, big enough to fit my legs under and enough room to stretch... Scanner and A3 printer fit nicely. Also I drilled in some hinges in the desk so now i can screen print in the pleasure of my own room.

This desk is also great to take spacious methodical pictures of the work i'm doing, which may seem dumb. But this desk is probably the best thing that has happened to me, clear working space and a clear mind.
But yeah this is what i've been doing along side the narrative unit, lino printing for the Boscanova/Beach Hut Exhibition. Themed winter, i'm making some cards with a deer looking up at the stars. Not too overwhelmingly christmassy but festive enough. This isn't obviously the final print, i was too eager to see what it will look like i put a book and my body weight on top the lino. Tomorrow i shall take it to the print room to do properly, hopefully if there is any space and time!

Family and Friends expect these on the festive holidays!

Missing opportunities

I'm pretty livid that i missed the sign up sheet for the Stop Frame Motion Workshop tomorrow morning. Either way i have to wait for a cheque to come also so will be spending my morning by the door listening for the door bell as i am, i swear, deaf.

I'm hoping maybe someone will share their knowledge with me or hopefully there will be another work shop, if not have to find it out the hard way and do it myself. Which might be the best option even though i'm slow it will be done quicker.

In the email sent by my tutor, sharon has attach a video with an example of a Stop Frame Motion video and it's really good, so here it is.

Her Morning Elegance video
Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan
Featuring: Shir Shomron
Photography: Eyal Landesman

Visit Her Morning Elegance Gallery on

You might already seen this, but i feel ashamed to say, even working in a music shop and this video having 21,136,933 i have never ever heard of Oren Lavie. Sorry.
What i really like about this video is how when she is on the bed walking she really looks like she is walking. Also when it's meant to be underwater, i think with animation what makes it effective is the smallest movements and expressions, the little socks move just like fishes in the subtlest way.

I just came across this as well browsing on youtube which i think is very good for someone doing it in third year. I hope i will be as talented then as this guy!

Dir. by Dean Fleischer-Camp
Marcel is voiced (untreated & unenhanced) by a genius named Jenny Slate
Written by Jenny + Dean

This, is probably at the moment my favourite Stop Frame Motion animation.. Marcel the Shell with Shoes on. Genius idea, also very imaginative, which definitely needs to have for anything to be good. I'm not sure how the mouth is animated i reckon it is rotoscoped.
I believe audio is also a big point in animation, if you have crap audio it can ruin a animation sequence.
This is a key point i want to the sequence i make, like Marcels voice and the person asking questions voice has a delightfulness.

If you enjoyed the first one, here is the second one for your enjoyment.

Also as you can see on this still marcel is sitting on the keys, the little things in this video are amazing. On the screen you will see as the shell is on the key z the page going zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
such a nice little added gesture.

My car is a bug.

Few ideas

I've been thinking over the week what sort of thing i would like to do, which is definitely animation as i want to have a decent head start before the next unit. I really love the idea of recording a mixture of different people's voices on a old tape recorder. Which will sound a bit dated and have a difference of accents and ages.

The point i'm trying to make i guess, is that i feel at the moment with peoples voices today it just doesn't sound as distinctive as it used to. I love how sort of charming different peoples voices used to be like from videos i've seen.
Perfect example is The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine.' through out the film you can just listen to their liverpool accents bubble on and sound quite crackled on old recording. It definitely gives a charm throughout the film. Also the very psychedelic animation interests me a lot.

Which leads me to another video, actually there are so many animations i love here is a few on the sort of morphing and contorting sort...

Flying Lotus- Zodiac Shit
Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (apparently they “produced” the video)
This animation for me makes me feel like it's the balance of life, it falls into itself so well. It made me panic as i wondered how the hell they get the imagination to morph the creatures into another. But yesterday i was trying (first time, quite a poor attempt) with tracing paper to animate and morph a fish baby. I guess once your drawing the different stages you can think many different things as you see it change. Obviously this is at a ridiculous skill and level, but maybe tomorrow i will be able to make my little fish baby animation grow.

Blockhead- The Music Scene
Official music video for Blockhead's 'The Music Scene'.
An animated mind melt into a post human New York where TV and animals rule. All cast to the sincerely melodic soul of Blockhead's 'The Music Scene.'
Directimated by A.F.Schepperd
Commissioned by Ninjatune Records
Music by Blockhead

This is such an amazing video and was made by one person which is absaloutley crazy. Morphing animations i find interesting and to have the imagination to be able to contort and create new imagery is very talented. It may seem tacky and cliche that most people love to watch these when fucked, but i'm not going to lie i really do love watching them when swear i'm seeing kaleidoscopes.

Liquid TV

This, is probably one of my favorite things to find, as i wasn't alive when it was aired. But MTV have short animations by Liquid TV that contained sordid chaos, overwhelming shit to the viewing in varied animated ways. I love it. How it's so trashy and obnoxious. Which i'm guessing all the angsty teens in america it totally 'got' them they probs felt. I don't know, i find i like sort of animations that really push it and can be controversial or perverse in a sort of fucked up way.

This is one of my favourite shorts from Liquid TV

Liquid TV
Art School Girls of Doom
'The Bra'

It's so manic, trashy and confusing. Bare in mind these girls are actually men, though got to give it to them they look amazing. The use of collage and film, especially with a big fly crawling about it, and random very close ups. I think i'm defiantly going to give these sort of animation a go.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


The new project that we are currently starting on is Narrative, literally can do whatever we like aslong it follows a narrative. I'm definitely going to do an animation sequence as I want to set myself a real challenge, as i have never animated anything. I've found myself to be always looking at different videos on youtube and vimeo for hours and will take this into consideration for a future career perhaps. Even debating to do a MA in Animation after graduating at AUCB.

What i want to do is to record peoples conversations and animate like 15 seconds of it, then go onto another snippet. I find myself when i walk i always pick up on odd sentences from people that past me by and always find it amuses. To combine a couple of what people say into a over lap of conversation would be interesting, this week if i can get my hands on a voice recorder I'm going to try capture some peoples random conversations.

I find this video really charming, as the idea is so simple and works so well. Lara Lee animates the children into what they describe to be their favorite animal, which is interesting as she doesn't literally draw for example, a horse. But how the child actually says and if you were not to know what this animal looks like.

My Favourite Animal (Full Ver.) from Lara Lee on Vimeo.

  I want to for an experiment to try and animate some sketches, build up a body of testers of different ways of animating. Even if it's a couple of seconds long, i can get a feel of what it's like. This short clip of a boy being mislead by some demon I think is so effective. In the way you can see each sketch that has been lapsed and captured the emotions in the face so well. That's the one thing i'm worried about if i can't capture the right expressions on faces or gestures.

Change in the air.

Right, going to change this blog dramatically. No more inappropriate posts, not too sure whether to delete prior ones but then i wouldn't have any posts..
This blog will now consist of all my inspirations, work, ideas and current projects that are on going.
No ranting or moaning, eventually will find a nice web design student to give me a helping hand on developing this blog into my website hopefully.
So expect a constant flow of interesting things to appear on this space, like how it used to be!
I feel sick with all the blogs that i have, i need to create one boss blog that has links to flickr, twitter, cargo ect. I need someone with the skills, also my laptop as its bloody broken!!