Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I aim to research into artists, charities, films, text and people that are relevant to this topic. Look into how artists have portrayed their work through mental illness and their experiences, how people perceive the world to be when depressed. Films that represent these issues and text related quotes, i want to get a very large scope on what i am researching into so i can achieve a successful film. I will have sound recordings of conversations with people who relate to this, and i will record myself at counseling talking about these issues so i can capture thoughts i wasn't aware of.

Looking into how other people cope and deal with the illness it will broaden my ideas to be able to relate my work to how others feel. As i will use myself as primary research, with the work i already create it is like therapy as i get feelings that are hard to express out properly. I will look into charities and ask questions in what i could involve key points in my film and research into art therapies too.

Convergence / Divergence 'Moving Image'

Synopsis Of Study

‘Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”
Sigmund Freud

      One of the dynamic ways of communicating to an audience is visually, especially on a topic that is difficult to explain. Depression isn’t understood by a majority or even considered as a disease, it is quite a disclosed subject. Art as a form is the best medium to express how a being feels with out words.

      For my Convergence/Divergence unit I propose to embark my research into Depersonalization and Isolation that can be effected by Depression. I wish to create a moving image sequence that replicates the mood and atmosphere to inform an audience who are unaware of the agitation it inflicts on people. Within my film I will deliver a sense of how art installations can create sets of mood, visually describing the feelings that are unexplainable but contribute an illustrative form within it.

      I aim to explore the trials and tribulations that have/haven’t undergone through the disease bringing awareness to the matter. By creating a piece that gives insight to the trauma and visually portraying what words can not, the aspiration is to reconnect with the disconnected. Looking into various artists who have created pieces from suffering I will be able get a bold insight for development. By also questioning people whom have/are going through this state to cover all areas to produce a successful film. From past projects I have discovered my assets, these are that I am able to connect deeply into the work that is personal to myself. This project will be based on the experiences that I have been through and produce the honest representation, which I want to construct a bond with the on viewer. Giving the chance to unearth the truth and share to all, I have taken into consideration on how I may approach this. 

      Audio is a factor, which will be very important to emphasize the installation for the moving image, for examples what I think of vividly is drones and distorted sounds. The Film ‘Koyannisqattsi’ directed by Godfrey Reggio 1982 which has no conventional plot but means ‘life out of balance’, this is what I perceived to be depersonalized and showed isolation in set mood of atmosphere with imagery and sound.
Installations like Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ 1998 hugely influences me as it shows her aftermath of a nervous breakdown, yet this caused controversy as debated not to be art. This demonstrates clearly what depression can lead to in an audacious way and yet still onlookers did not fully understand it.

     With in my work the personal drawings I have create, yet haven’t dared to show are my strongest and learning from previous units this is what I need to encourage and develop. I aim to unearth the real side of myself with the experienced from my life to create an honest and real film that can connect to the viewer with these issues. I plan to visit various current exhibitions, take recordings of people talking about the matter and I can achieve my brief by researching into artists, other people and myself who have undergone the same situations. Looking into various ways of filming and creating an installation I feel confident I will be able to accomplish my aims of the brief.