Thursday, 23 December 2010

I'm a creep.

I can't sleep, well i can never sleep at night. I'm always up at this hour, lurking in my room, being a creep. I love it normally but being back home in Essexs means i'm not sprawled on my bed smoking copious amounts and gorming to music fairly selfishly loud. I also can't really do work as all my shit is in Bournemouth, and to be honest i can't really be fucked.
It's christmas eve today, but i've decided i'm not going to sleep today, not yet. Yesterday i woke up at 4pm and i felt horrifically unhealthy all night in my pyjamas, also watching my sister wrap all the presents she has got for people. And i find myself sitting on the sofa slightly panicking that i have got zilch for anyone, though i'm only buying for my grandparents and sister and cat presents, everyone else can fuck off. 
Though i'm going to stay up, and i will head into town fairly early i think, i'm desperate for a Latte. I'm meant to be meeting kris today and be playing Sega with him, yet i'm having trouble digging it up out of the void. 
I got all the games, Sonic, Streets of Rage, Paper Boy, Batman.... it will be pretty intense. But anyway, i really desperately want to buy this for myself..
I just know it will increase my ability to be actually functional so much, it's like £139, that isn't too bad. I might just go and do it tomorrow and hide it from my family, it will only anger them more how irresponsible i am with my money. I also plan to buy train tickets to go to Paris today to see my dear friend James Rowbottom. Only to the point Eurostar website is being a cunt and won't let me. 

I want to talk about the night i had, last monday and how strange it was. I went to Cambridge for student night and everyone was out pretty much. I remember how much i fucking hate Fez, just made me appreciate so much how i am at uni and not stuck there. (Sorry if you are, maybe this will motivate you to leave.) But i got a chance to see most people, but not really actually talk to them. At the end of the night we had a travelodge room for us, and got the impression that we could easily sneak in 10 people. Obviously not. I don't know how my sister manage to party with Babyshambles in that exact travelodge and not get chucked out, i don't know. 
I felt shit as people had to leave, didn't get to see them properly. But anyway, we got charged a £150 fine for smoking, the eastern european manager was shouting at us it was all too much so Jayson fell asleep. Abby, Kris and I took a hot bath, and it was spectacular. 
Friends should take baths together more often. The manager basically came in on us thinking we had more people smuggled in, and then became so embarrassed about the situation he walked on to. Which was good, he became scared of Kris and most likely thought he was a Pimp, seriously. 
No fine, Pizza at 7am, Sick in the towels, broken keycards. It was all ok in the end. Apart from i think i have..

"Orthostatic hypotension, also known as postural hypotension,[1] orthostasis, and colloquially as head rush or a dizzy spell, is a form of hypotension in which a person's blood pressuresuddenly falls when the person stands up. The decrease is typically greater than 20/10 mm Hg,[2] and may be most pronounced after resting. The incidence increases with age.[3]"

I have problems when i get out of a hot bath it seems.

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