Monday, 27 December 2010

Less moaning, more work.

Although i could cry how awful this scanner is that i'm having to use compared to my other one..
I was rummaging around in the voids (storage cupboards on the side of the house) for my sega megadrive but i came across this little treasure..
Got to love a ronnie, decided this book is mine now though. 
I've noticed i've drawn alot of mermaid type of things lately, i don't even like them really, just been chucking gas masks on them. I also hate the current stylized Gypsy and nautical tattoos you see knocking about, each to their own, but not my cup of tea. Although i love these drawings in this book, you could saw my work is what i just said i hate. But i fucking love art nouveau and deco style, would be an era i'd love to live in. I'm hatin' on these designs people are getting on them of gyspys and women when it means fuck all. On the other hand my house mate sophie has amazing tattoos in the style, yet she has Gypsy in her blood so it works so well. (I said i wasn't going to moan on this post, didn't last long eh?) 
Basically, i guess i'm trying to defend myself on some of my drawings.. but some of peoples taste in the latest zeitgeist is bollocks. I've probably offended a few on the nautical tattoos hatin' but then that's your fault for getting something so unoriginal isn't it.
This is inspired by that book, i dunno, i just like drawing half naked women i'm not going to lie.
This may be hypocritical, but i do plan to get a sleeve done with creatures of the sea. Like not on showing on outside of my arm, but inside where my fish is. But not like stylised to that theme, just how i draw. Need to get fish touched up as i feel it's looking lame. I was also going to get a octopus done, but recently found out a friend has planned to get that done, not as original as i thought i was am i? Pah.
 A friend has lent me this graphic novel called "The Vesuvius Club" it's ridiculous the drawings.  Which is about the greatest portraitist of the Edwardia age/ secret agent. Also entails  purple zombies, nuff said.
Favourite pages i think?
Love the clothes, detail and expressions. Also this next page is truly amazing.
Haaa, i love it.

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