Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I have lost all energy to even write..

I feel like this.

And i don't know who to blame. Whoever gave me this retched cold is a dickhead.

Friday, 20 August 2010

See ya leica.

Bitch too broke, had to make some tough decisions.
But actually i prefer the 50p camera i got from cancer research photographs than the leica's in Oslo.
Ah well.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Well i was in Oslo the other day, cool place. I was expecting like a peasant town with lots of mooses and beautiful blonde Scandinavian girls carrying farm yard shit and not knowing what they could be.. i guess.
Though when we first got there, all i wanted to was sleep, and had such a headache. I actually haven't stopped at all this summer, which is a first, just been so busy. I really should be asleep now as i got a busy day tomorrow, but i haven't spent time on my blogs for a while..

 I don't know if i like planes anymore, they just annoy me now. Like the whole process of getting onto a plane is really irritating.

I took my Leica M8 with me this time on this trip along with my Canon AE-1 film camera and some other shitty one i bought for a pound. Was really reluctant to bring it as i get scared using it and cos it isn't even film. But it's good, i just think i'm going to have to sell it due to my uncontrollable spending habits.

I didn't really see much art around, but i found lots of things that had been left around.  Although what has been put onto this door is quite shit, but i think the layering up of different things to visually see works. 
This is one of the things i saw was just a "?" simple but i like it. Probably some random just whacked it on there whilst walking by, who knows. I found many a thing just stuck up onto the wall, but have yet to get those films developed with that evidence, also found a seahorse..
I think Oslo should be bigger though. 
I love this, was just big TV screens, with this broadcasting stations channels playing.
I love how grainy and fuzz it looks, reminds me of these two film makers Payne & Relph, to which i bought a well good book about them called "We don't have the option of turning away from the future."
I think kids of this day can relate to it. 
I'm tired and can't be bothered to put all my photographs up on here, but i shall. I'm out.  

Been abit busy you could say..

So, i went to the Big Chill the other week and it was pretty fucking damn good. 
I would love to tell all the stories that happened but then it just wouldn't be funny to you as you had to be there, and i don't mean it in a "You had to be there..." when someone says that after telling a story which fails...

Though i saw the end of the rainbow, for real. Ended by the helter skelter which was really strange.

Basically every early hours of the day we cotched at the shisha tent, met so many interesting people. Door scratched up this photograph, was funny at the time but weren't funny when i woke up with "trash" on my face ha.

This gal is amazing. 

This is the best photograph i've ever taken.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I'm so shit, all i want is a decent Negative scanner.

I've pissed all my money up the wall pretty much, i do seriously think i have a spending problem. I'm not really a materialistic person, but i just like buying weird cameras, Cds and illustrator related stuff. And alcohol and cigarettes, definitely jaegermister.

I really don't know what is wrong with me but i know what i'm doing, but i just keep thinking fuck it, i'm young. It hasn't done me any favours and just become more erratic. Feel like i've lost the value in money and when i buy something i don't feel i appreciate it enough. Where as when working in Fopp i had to scrap and save everything and when i bought something i would be so happy, like my fish tank, which i had to give away as i can't afford it no more, bad times.

Some of the things i can't even justify why i've bought it, such as a hula hula dashboard girl for the car which i bought. Which, i can't even drive it yet legally, i feel so stupid.
Nether the less, ebay is my source now i am selling all the shit i have ecumilated over the past year, i have so little to show for myself. It's strange how when people say need "Retail Theraphy" i reckon i actually am one of them victims, but not for retail just for antics, charity shops, and jumble sales and of course expensive camera shops.

I know i can afford to live in my new house this coming september but it's all very tight with cash, i'm just going to have to live off 8p noodles which is fine with me. Realisation of being 19 next month and having to actually grow the fuck up is too much to bare.

Monday, 2 August 2010

I really don't understand whoever made this, what they were thinking.

I found this in the Cancer Research charity shop in cambridge and for a pound i bought it, i think mostly to show people this plate even though, people weren't that interested as it is just a plate. 

What was this designer thinking when decorative this simple plate, yeah i'll have a angry squid fighting a frog. I have to give it to whoever made this plate they have really caught the misery in the frogs face, it's like "fuck this, can't be having this now just kill me." 
Nether less i felt i needed it in my life, sorry people who are moving in with me next month. I think this plate has potential on the coffee table in the living room ha. after thinking about this just over a plate. I'm thinking who the fuck would buy such a ugly thing, but then i have..

After writing this most pointless post, i've realised three things. 
- I've written about a plate on my "art" blog...
I'm thinking who the fuck would buy such a ugly thing, but then i have..
- Why would a Squid/Octopus be knockin about the same place as a frog?

Fuck, this is what happens when i actually go home for a day. 

I'm done with tumblr, and returning to blog spot.

As i've ranted on my tumblr blog i'm fed up of seeing little girls steal other people's work and say it's theirs. No, just no. Also when they do take photographs they are like out of focus but were even probably taking it with Auto on.

I know my blog looks abit bland at the moment, but as i can see from my last post since april, i gave up in fury.

All shall change,

I'm hoping i loose followers, i've got 128 and after this post i hope they start dropping like flies.

"i reckon i don't really like tumblr..
As it’s full of 15 year old girls, being plagaristic and forwarding photographs they find “inspiring” or “pretty” of skinny girls in the woods or sitting on a window sill.
Your shit if you are one of these kids. 
I might resolve back to blogspot, even though it didn’t work with me. 
I bet i loose alot of followers, but hey it’s cutting the crap. 
Also there is like no real genuine art work on this blogging site, and when there is, it’s fucking good. 
I reckon i’m out, only whack photos on and spam you fuckers up. 
I bought a well ugly plate yesterday of a squid and a frog fighting, i know you are jealous.