Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bournemouth pastings

Putting work around bournemouth i haven't properly dedicated in doing so yet, as i've been observing places and seeing what they are like at night, whether lots of people are around and how excess able it is.
I've been sticking my hama beads around when i've been out, just had them on me. Here is a few that i've done, i need to do alot more, got so many to stick about. Might dedicate tomorrow night for that.

Please excuse the awful picture quality, camera ran out of battery so phone had to do.

Left this one in the Oceanarium, though this part of the place has been torn down for the new arrivals of otters.. still need to check them out.

Left this one on the beach on a ice cream building thing, was there for about month and a half. I plan to make screen prints of this on to some t-shirts when i set up my BigCartel site, i got some big plans.

This is along a road with lots of boards new Merick park, i like how lots of people still persist to draw on them as the council blots it all up. 

Yet again, excuse the poor quality of picture, taken on my phone as camera kept havings blips. This is in Merick park, on a little cabin and i didn't get a chance to go back and take a better picture as it got torn down. Along side it was a stencil of John Lennon, it was pretty good actually and other artists have put their work around it too. Then the council painted over it.. afterwards someone wrote in paint "THIS IS WAR." I thought that was pretty cool, i haven't been able to check if it's still there.

I've always pasted this around and recently i've been in Cambridge and i've walked past places and they still are there. Which i'm very pleased about, it's been well over a year, and even on buildings like Boots it's still there. I think Cambridge is more accepting for this type of thing, i'm yet still to make my mind on Bournemouth. 

An insight

Into what i do, basically at uni i just can't bring myself to do a whole sketchbook now. So this blog i've decided again to make it dedicated on following what i'm currently doing in my work, which it was meant to be in the first place... Just ended up also something that i just ranted on. So, yeah.

Monday, 18 April 2011

I feared my anxiety is really getting bad

But this most certainly cheered me up, thank you joe for sharing this with me..

"dont worry my mum called me " phycotic and possesed "the other day. she fears for my health. both mental and phsical.
its becuase i burst into really violent rap about rape and shit. but thats classic ive always done that hahah"

What a great boy.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bacon is good for me

Pretty psyched on coming back to B-town, ready to get cracking on with shit. Got some new stuff to paste and ting to do. I had a reason why i was making this post but i've forgotten as it's well late.
Nope, still can't remember.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New doodles of the sort and ting.

I've shied away from blogspot for a while, as i've been on the hype with my Flickr and Cargo account,
i recommend that you check them out if you know what's good for you, here and here oh and also my Behance you might want to have a gander at that.

This was some recent work, for this zine i did as a part of group work, i'll be honest i fucking hated it, but i got a good mark in the end. My tolerance with people have grown which i can say must be a good thing..

Bustin out some of the illustrator skills

I've been wheatpasting these around bomo quite abit

Oh yeah the theme was clever people getting lost, or just lack of intelligence..

Monday, 4 April 2011


Finished the shitty essay so now i can focus on the shit i like to do. Gunna spam up this blog with some photos and shit..