Sunday, 26 December 2010

Well this is just embarrassing, for who i'm not sure.

Hopefully my broken scanner at home will work so i can put some images up soon... nether less..

Flattery is fickle, i think, either can take it with a pinch of salt and think it's a compliment..
Yet i can imagine most people who are in the arts have had this thought and even know plagiarism is what the result of what cunts do. It is i guess how we all inspire each other and develop new moments...
Not to the point when you are just a cunt.
But anyway i'm not one to normally give a fuck about these things, but when a person literally does what you do "WORD FOR WORD" i hope you loose your thumbs so you can't ever pick up a pen and copy shit. So your ability to be prehensile will cease.

I got a spice rack for christmas, pretty beaming. Thought you ought to know...

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