Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Nautical Nonsense- i need to buy this print asap.

There was this exhibition in 60 million postcards called "Nautical Nonsense" by This Is...
I didn't get a chance to go, but i spend some of my free time in this coffee shop called Coffee L'amour, it's great for doing work upstairs as it's pretty chilled. And the coffee's good and cheap to students.
But they exhibit some of the work, and i'm actually so in love with this print...
This is by Louise Wyatt i believe, i don't know the mediums it was done with but i'm guessing pencil and ink, and marbling effect? It's only six pounds on the website for a poster, when i get paid i am definitely getting one and perhaps a nice frame for it. I really want to start buying actual pieces of arts or special prints and eventually when i have this amazing house have it all hanging up would be amazing. 

I went to a gallery in cambridge yesterday with three friends and some of the work was standard, "contemporary" but too average for my liking. Other bits so stylized it look like it should of been for a "Get Well" card or some tack, was quite shocked to see it. But then some amazing pieces hiding between the mediocre pieces, some really insane pieces. 
This one piece of art really got me, it was of these lilies pads and koi carps, but something about this painting was amazing. You had to see it to get what i mean. 
But anyway, it was worth like £4,000.00 and i felt abit embarrassed being in this gallery, but yet made my day when the woman who owned the place asked me if i was interested. She actually thought i probably had 4 grand knockin' about to buy a painting. I felt pretty sophisticated, i won't lie. 

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