Sunday, 26 December 2010


I just bought my secret garden party ticket, and i think that's why i probably can't sleep right now as i've been going through photographs from last year. I'm not going to rant how amazing it was, because if you weren't there, then you will never get it. But i highly suggest that you do go in 2011 if you know what is good for you.
Here is some photos that adam took, also follow his blog - //HERE>>
I got some negs to scan up, who knows what they will posses.
Something that i liked today..
"I am not particularly clever, or artsy, or interesting. In fact, my life generally revolves around alcohol, a sense of shame, and my precious dole money.
Yeah, that's my life right there.  
However, I am fine with that. I waste every penny I have on train tickets and cheap cider and end up the most wankered person in town. I wake up, feel stupid, go out, buy some more cider and drown the sorrows. It is a vicious yet wonderful circle. But then who needs self respect when you can have Frosty Jacks." -adam gilbert est.92
Unlike everyone else we spent time at the tents watching karl pilkington on my ipod, that's true.
Stole a drum.
And that me.
man o man i should sleep but i'm too psyched about going to Yo!Sushi and getting some clothes to wear as i've got fuck all here. 
Also get to see my friend Ebi, whose name means shrimp in japanese. 

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