Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to the old blogging ways..

Even though old ways were tumblr more so, but i can juggle two on the go.
Back into drawing now, i'm myself now ha. Just want to be in a educational enviroment now and i mean that. I've been bumming around too long now, since april, that's spring. All summer i've just been passing through everywhere, too much of a drifter. Not that i don't like that, hate being confined to one thing or a boring routine. 
Gunna scan up some shit from my moleskine, i'm so fucking indie. Ah well, it's decent to carry and draw in. Listening to "The Ricky Gervais Guide To... the Arts (Unabridged)" and as much as i love karl pilkington, his opinion on art is annoying me. Art isn't just a space filler on the wall, ha. 

I went on about this on my tumblr blog but i will now on here, because i don't get it. Animals with rectangular pupils. These three animals have it...
A goat, you know is a mammal and it's a weird animal it like wants to be a sheep but isn't but is, sheep have the same weird eyes. So basically i'm going to say a sheep and a goat is the same thing. Just more horns.

With a frog like rec eyes is kinda not unusual just a frog isn't it.

And then a fucking octopus, like why, there is no connection in these animals, mammal, amphibian and mollusc type fish.
I don't even know why i'm making a post on this, it's well late, should be asleep as got to be up and drive someone.
Don't even know where my keys are, but oh well. 

But yeah, i'm craving a big tattoo soon.. It's been a while. 

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