Monday, 6 December 2010

New Project on the go go..

Been given the word "Waste" to mess about with this time, which i like actually. Even though i've had a project before called "Decay" i've taken a different approach.
I've looked into mutant marine animals, and my inspiration is mainly "Blinky" from The Simpsons,  my mind is like a filing cabinet. It just pulled that random image from the back of my mind and that gave me something to go on.

The whole point of this project is to just draw shit, so i have. I drew some stuff when i was pretty fucked and it looked like this... The project is "Drawing Approaches" and i guess i have tried a different approach. Pony, Old music and joe in my room til the early hours created some of this shit i ain't gunna lie.
My goldfishes Jeanine and Gus where real inspiration. 
 i need a larger scanner, but the one i have is still dope. 
And more..
hup, octo.

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