Saturday, 25 June 2011


Currently waiting to buy a new sewing machine ect..
Which won't be for a long while, i spunked up £60 last night in a shit club and doubles. Ah well.
Here are some bags i've been making, they ain't great but they will do.
I didn't have any bondaweb to applique it so it looks pretty shabby.

I think it looks too cutesy and i'm not too keen on that. Got some other ideas, just can't wait to buy a screen to start printing!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Reminiscing of the good old days...

Fuck. Only came back for a couple of days and i've been ranting like an old lady how i much i've missed the place. I say that now, i might hate it tomorrow...
Went to Cambridge today had a stroll around with my sister and went to Teri Aki. Was completely flooding with rain but i still liked it, i have so many certain moods and disposition of the place. Was by far the best place to go to college to, just the whole place to run about sticking up work and something different every day.
I put some stickers up obviously, felt like should reclaim some lost space.. not that it was much, was meant to send these stickers to an artist called List in Berlin yet, due to my laziness haven't made duplicates.
I wish i had more on me, only had a couple. Hopefully will be back on saturday if i make some more and dot some around. Made me happy to see other peoples stickers knocking about.
I always wanted a catapult when i was younger, i don't know why i haven't bought one yet. Might ebay that now..

But yes, i went to Long Road today too, as a boy in the market gave me a leaflet to a exhibition long is doing. And it was funny that this guy knew who i was, i'm a living legend through Long Road apparently. Damn right i outta be. But yeah i picked up some sketchbooks today, some real old stuff. 
Was crazy, the stuff that was in it. Has given me a better look at what i was wanting so much then, so probably get my act back together. 

This is a picture that Dan took on a Polaroid he has adapted.

Was also great to see Becky and Dan, who i used to see on a daily basis to very rarely now. I will definitely make a habit of popping into Long whenever i'm in the hood.
And obvs leave my mark around...

But yeah good to have a break from Bournemouth for a bit, was feeling abit sick. Jus waiting for the current mood to pass on through, need of a change of time. Can feel it in the vibes, everyone can not be fucked to do anything and i hate it. 
Like just recently i've discovered Boscombe, which is appalling as it's 10 mins cycle away from me. The best Antique and vintage shops and oddities are there. I think it will be the place i go to more than Bournemouth Square, i hate it there. Also when i get back before i start my shift at 2pm gotta check out the Coy Pond and Westbourne. 
Done with laziness and doing fuck all. 
Just stick some things on my travels.
Joe and I cycled so far, that we made the cheesiest pasta bake known to man. Prime.
I should really probably sleep.
But i get like this, i look forward to the next day and just can't sleep as i find trying to go to sleep excruciatingly awful. Especially back in this old bed, it's so low and odd. 
Though seeing the Axolotls at Pets Corner in Harlow, i hope that they are having a happy and fulfilling life, more that i could ever give them. As i weren't there to ever see them being in Bournemouth. 
Nice day with the G-rents, will be good.

Summat i drew up out of insomia.

I really want to go out but feel bad if i do, what a pickle.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Three punnets of Cherries, 2 Pepsi Max, ibuprofen and a little bag of minstrels..

is what i ended up getting on the way to the gym and ended up not going..
Today is a write off, its the one day a month i can allow ha.
I've finally got a job now in Telesales, which is okay because i am going to be rolling in bitches and riches.
When i get my paycheck in first thing i will buy is a screen printing set and start making stuff that i could possibly sell!

Jus been playing around with some National Geographics i bought from a car boot sale. Twenty copies for £1, bargain.
At first when i made these sort of collages i didn't really understand why i made them. But when i dug a little deeper it all makes sense really, it is something about me ha.

Friday, 3 June 2011


I hate the world. Why won't any one hire me? or stop sending me ridiculous bills i.e. Sewage bills £371.24, or have successful job interviews? I've signed up for job seekers allowance, thats right the dole. But i reckon i do need it, as i've been searching high and low for a job, the worst thing is when you have an interview and they don't even call back to tell you the verdict. Thanks a heap Lush, you bunch of soap fucking vegetarians. To think i slaved over making them a covering letter, yeah you had to make them something, and go through two sets of interviews before you know if you got the job? Fuck off Lush, your standards are too high for selling mud.
My last hope before i want to hang myself is Card Bar in town tomorrow, if i don't get this job then i will slit my eyes. I will feel sorry for myself as i have received the worst hand of cards in life, no exaggeration. And if you think differ i will slap you with that deck.
Rant to be continued..