Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My retreat.

Oh the joys, the fucking joys of money. The joys of coffee, the joys of being a complete art fag blogging in a cafe which isn't a chain, OH THE FUCKING JOYS. To be out of my house, it's a big one. I can't stand to be in those rotting four walls which are so retched.
Met our new housemate rachel, she is very lovely which is a huge relief as the house was falling to bits at one point. Saw my new room again, it will be weird to live in a large space again. I feel like being in a small room i've managed to compact myself, i always feel on edge in it, everything is so close and crowded.
I'm meant to be packing now, but fuck that seriously. I have so much shit, it's beyond me. Though tonight i will dedicate to ebaying items, sorting out clothes and minimize my wardrobe which needs to happen.
Got distracted there, ran out of minutes and coffee refill. I felt like if i didn't buy anything else just a coffee they would judge me for stealing their internet. So i bought this involuntary cookie, it really isn't worth it. 
But yeah i drew this lady up there, out of boredom, should of been packing, fuck packing. 
I just realised after this week, my awful summer will be over. The bleakness of the scraping and scrawling will be over. THANK FUCK. Seriously this has been the worst summer, compared to last year, well it doesn't compare. Once July is done with August and September, mostly September will be ultimate. 
I've also done this, i've got so many doodles and bits of stuff i have drawn, they really only come into their own once edited. And i will go out of my way not to pack, and edit these probably tonight. 

There isn't much point in this post, i just can't emphasis how much this cafe chills me out, fucking hell. I can't explain it, or whatever but yeah. I can't wait to turn my back on summer, this has been a joke. 

God bless europeans in their short shorts, they have overruled bournemouth with their thighs and buttocks. Mostly the men, i never seen so many europeans in Bournemouth. Even though we english (well i dunno about me, fill in race remarks "chinese, japanese, ect") are europeans, we don't act like it. 
Like i love how continental europe is, which the odd foods and traditions. English is so bland, we are like a potato. I don't even like potatoes, so there you go. 

This reminds me, of the last post i was writing but then forgot as joe got me stoned. Seriously need to stop being so lazy and a cliche. 
But yes, it was raining outside, i was trying to pack but ended up watching Etre et Avoir. It reminds me strongly when i lived in Belgium with my sister, the clothes, classrooms and scenery. 

Even though wasn't best of times then, i remember a lot vividly even though i was so young people didn't think that i would have. I stopped talking and was really weird, i'm not sure why i'm writing about this as it's not really easy. But yeah watching this film made me think back to a lot of things. 

This isn't the clip i wanted to put in, i couldn't find where Elize has a rubber stolen from her, but this will do. Jojo reminds me of myself when i was younger, especially with the "pardon, oui, pardon! oui! PARDON! oui... monsieur..."

I've purchased a new film today which will await me some point at the bottom of the stairs through the post.

Submarine, i don't know anything about it and i can't wait to watch it. I forgot how i used to buy random films and watch them, i've been lost since not working in Fopp. Where the fuck have i been!

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