Monday, 4 July 2011

Used to have it so good.

Bitches and riches and the world.
Now i have just myself, no money and bournemouth (which ain't so bad.)
I can't think what is wrong with me, i just don't think i should be here right now. I guess i've really started to have the grueling poor student life, but there should be more to this. I take on the shittest jobs and in my head convert it to be something good because i have no hope.
I would love to be back at uni right now, have something to actually work for. Though today just been terrified as i thought about money and how i just can't afford anything.
I keep thinking in my head why don't i just do something different, like i don't have to be here. Ideally, what i would like my life to be is to be living in Berlin and a working illustrator. Although i know i will live in London before that, somehow fuck knows with what money.

This is sort of what my hair is at the moment, dying to dye it all blue again. But i hate having to worry about not getting a job over that. 

I've signed up for a job for this company that companies like Homebase hire people out to clean, replenish and do window displays. Theres me and four of my friends are doing it, the catch is the hours are 8pm-8am, which i'm a nocturnal person could imagine being a laugh. I've always imagined what it would be like to run around a place at night when it's closed. 

Can't even afford to go to Antwerp now, horror.

Me and George always see Papyrus everywhere, kills me inside. 

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