Friday, 8 July 2011

floating about

Compared how i been in the past couple of months this is the best i've been, yet i'm in so much shit with money and bills. I can for one actually leave the house, and not give a fuck that i'm £2000 overdrawn and have no phone or internet or electric ect. (i'm in a cafe drinking soda water which is like 40p if your wondering how i posted this..)
It's like i sit in the house and expect the electric to cut off i know that it will, i used to get really angry about it but now just like fuck it.
I've got an ear infection at the moment as i'm so run down but it doesn't really bother me too much. Couldn't even afford medication, did not know that we have to pay for prescriptions now if your student over 18 which is so lame. Thanks back to home though with a helping hand.

I'm quite happy to flit around from job to job and not work in a shitty call centre. I quite like the lifestyle i'm living now, basically making the most out of anything for fun and make ends meet. Me and my housemate spend most nights drawing or smacking the pony and watching David Attenborough documentaries  Though honest to god, doing that does replenish my mind, and cures me i swear. Perfect remedy for an aggy person.
I keep saying every night i will go wheatpasting though, i reckon tonight maybe if i don't go out i will get my shit together ready for a pasting next week. Too long and overdue, plus i keep seeing some shit pastes around town.

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