Saturday, 16 July 2011


Finally finished, the end of that long tiresome road of working as a merchandiser.
Thank god.
I've got another odd job lined up which is handing out club flyers, why not, why not. I've decided a permeant job is not essential, odd jobs are for me. I'd rather scrap and not know what i'm doing, as working full time kills me. Well, working full time in only a shit job.

Been awake since 11pm as few people came over and watched some shit, but since 4am i've been watching David Attenborough Trials of Life. I get emotional when i think about Attenborough i think he is so iconic, to me his is haha. Basically all night i've wanted to be sat at the dinner table on a sunday having a roast with my family watching a documentary he has done.
Also i want to get this..
This would complete me.
I've also decided what my favourite bug is, too me fucking ages to find out what it was called because i've been so hazed lately from exhaustion. Couldn't figure out what word to put in google, what i needed was "worm." Fucking hell i'm boring haha.
But yeah a Onychophora aka Peripatus velvet worm.
I've forgotten what the aim of this blog was, whenever i write something i pause, something inappropriate always happens.
Oh well was good whilst it lasted wasn't it. 

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