Thursday, 21 July 2011

Comfort from a thousand pillows

Waking up early and sitting in a bed amongst several duvets and pillows listening to LAKE and Beach House rating tee shirts on Threadless. I am content to say the less, only wish my coffee hasn't run out but never mind.
Most of the designs on Threadless are so awful i swear, i'm being brutal with the marking. I'm just doing that before i submit any work, although i don't really know if i want to, if they get the license over the design so i couldn't use it again. I think i would rather create my own ones maybe, or go through Society 6.
My friend Arron has created a brand, you should check it out it's called The Secret Society, i'm meant to do some designs for him from my "Hey Ugly" thing. But being back at home has caused some obligations innit. I always pop into DogFish where he works whenever i'm in cambridge, it's always a pleasure to see arron.
Go fetch.

It's so nice being back home well currently at the moment, i can actually relaxed. Sleeping pattern is back to normal and i'm excited to draw some new things. Bournemouth was getting over crowding in my head, although i reckon i got to go back this weekend, i have fishes that depend on me, oh and joe.

I loved being back in Cambridge, even though i'm not from there. It's like 29 minutes away on the train which i used to commute every day for two years. Most people hate on it, but i guess they live there and are bored of it, but i come and go whenever i can have the time or money. I just love walking around and feeling very nostalgic, i need to finish my essay which i reckon i will be able to get done in Cambridge in one of the many coffee shops i went to often. Yeah i'm a cliche´ but i love it,  and at least i admit it. 

I know the video is weird but i'm enjoying being in a spacious room that feels fresh, sipping on coffee and listening to some spotify playlists. 
I'm pretty happy at the moment, i think what i liked about home is i was detached from people i guess in a way and was more all about myself. Became so comfortable just being with someone else a lot of the time i sort of forgot what, well i forgot. 

This year has been so fleeting, if i'm going to do well i need to be more self
     involved with work. I always imagined myself to be one of those people who later on in life has a great career but poor relations, but would be cool with that. I reckon i could be, aslong if i have a cat.

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