Monday, 8 August 2011

All up in the air.

Been a while since last post but been moving out from old house to new one. 28 Bishop road was in such a state, the house just needed to be knocked down and have something else built. Rotten, it was hell moving out as i was all over the place. Also this was under the fridge, and this is what i could imagine what breakfast in hell would be..
This clearly wasn't us as we never possessed magnetic letters, our landlord never hired in professional cleaners before us.  I doubt if i see any of the deposit back either, the man is an arsehole and i have even told him so myself.
Nether less, the new house is amazing. Very sociable which is much more to say than the old one. My new room is very large which is great, i can feel like i can actually work in it. The kitchen is very special, we have a table where we can eat and not spill food on ourselves and all over the bed, like in the old house..

This is the round table where we eat lasange and chain smoke. Joe and i plan to spend evenings drawing whilst sitting around the table and other such things. I can't call that anyone else i know living in student housing actually having a table, we are expected to eat off the floor like animals. Which i bet most would do..

This is my room and para sitting on my bed, it's pretty sweet how i've managed to blag the biggest room. My bed fits nicely in the bay window and it's a double, i can't quite make out how large it is as i'm not used to it, yet my feet still hang over the edge.

The room came with some real nice vintage furniture, which i'm quite lucky as most houses you would have cheap old M.F.I desks that are broken. Yet i have this classic looking desk which matches my lamp that i got in a car boot sale in Wycombe perfectly. 
Also to have all my books in actual shelves, i have a large collection but not quite enough. 

Also i have a sink, which is perfect for when your hammered. I tend to wake up still drunk and quite aggressive as i need a drink and having a tap across the room is ideal. Then go back to sleep, wake up feeling fine and no hangover as you spent previously 3 hours ago your head underneath the tap drinking for about 7 minutes..

My wardrobes are amazing, yet somehow manage to fit the majority of my clothes which is confusing. As it's a vintage men's wardrobe is has name plates on the shelves, if i was at home now i would take a picture but i'm back in essexs... But it would say "sundries, shirts, underwear" which is interesting. Also for the pyjamas section it's a glass cabinet, i will put photos up.

Unlike my old room, i'm not going to have shit load of pictures up of shit. Done with that, clean and clear is the new plan.
This is what i can see when i wake up, i like to peek on the street. 

There is enough room to do activities like spread out on the floor and not touch anything at all as the room is so big. Twister will be perfect in my room, yes i do have twister. 

So yeah i wanted to post something about my new house but been too busy to do so, but back home in essexs and thought might as well, would taken more photos or something.

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