Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Putting my finger in all the jam jars.

(In development)
A woman is surrounded by slithering serpents
Mila awakes to find she is being held down and seduced by a slithering dark entity. Gagged and restrained in a dark room alone, minutes seem like hours as her captor becomes increasingly aggressive. She soon employs a cunning tactic to overpower it.
7 minutes
Writer/Director – Sarah Peace
Executive Producer – Dean Evans
Animation Assistant – Yana Roykhman
Mila – Arna Walts
Dean Evans is an award winning (ITV Local 2006) Short Filmmaker and Producer. As founder of Independent Production company Retro Films, Dean has worked on various productions from feature length films to animation and Directing live street performances. 

Ok, i found this reasonable add on gumtree that wanted people to help make a animation. I was all for it, like yeah get some experience for next year. Pretty psyched and i got this in the email as the script. I don't know now, like i don't really care about porn. But i don't know if it's meant to be a brooding dark art with raunchy shit, or just plain porn. What worries me more is just hanging out with some grimy kids spending time making this if it weren't. I probably shouldn't of put this in a blog post incase it breeches some copyright rule. But who the fuck would want to copy that, if it was going to be pornographic at least make it good. The woman did ask for my views, i may just give them to her just saying that the only people i can imagine watching this. Would wear new rocks, stripped fingerless gloves, tacky pewter jewellery and like weird christian metal.

Oh well, might be completely wrong.

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