Thursday, 12 January 2012

V&A Post Moderism Exhibition: Style and Subversion 1970-90

I went to the V&A Post Moderism Exhibition: Style and Subversion 1970-90 and was literally in awe with all what was there to see, a truely inspiring collection of works of art, style and culture.
One of the things that attracts me to Post Moderism is use of pattern making and illustrations especially in this music video by Grace Jones "Love Is The Drug"

Various techniques of animation has been used in this like stop motion and rotoscoping, this video inspires me a great deal as i wish i could have the imagination to conjure up designs like this. The bold and brash silhouette of Grace Jones face with the real footage of her lips singing rotoscoped over the image mesmerizing. The frantic images of figures dancing and stop motion of objects, it's very busy and wouldn't normally have different styles in once sequence but this works.  

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