Monday, 23 January 2012


I thought of various ways of how i could record the audio of my conversations and what i would like is to use a tape recorder and have a crackly old effect. I want it to have a certain charm and not sound flat.
I thought of how i could have a recording and play it through a phone and record it down the other end but since i don't have a home phone or any credit that wouldn't really be feasible!

 Grundig Mh15 Micro Cassette Recorder
This is a very basic tape recorder with a simple push button to record nothing too technical. This is sticking with my idea of creating a very old school sound and the quality of the tape is just how i would like it to be. 
The only thing i'm slightly worried about is if there is any noise interference if i'm not in closer ear shot of a conversation. Also if i wipe off the conversation by accident by re recording over it. 

I've also got a olympus vn-750 which i'm not very fond of and sort of regret buying. It is definitely not worth £34.99 as you can't even upload the digital audio onto a computer. I find it pointless to have a digital equipment that doesn't support a hook up like this. Though i might be wrong and over looked this as i haven't properly yet read the manuel which is a classic thing most people do is assume things! But to have on myself for all time i guess it is worth recording random things i hear then finding a way to put it on my mac to work with. 

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