Monday, 19 December 2011

Flip Books

Flip books or flick books are a series of illustrated images that move gradually one page to the next, so when the pages are turned rapidly the pictures appear to be animated by simulating motion. Flip books are essentially a primitive form of animation, they rely on persistence of vision to create an illusion of continous motion, rather than a series of discontinuous images. The book must also be flipped with enough speed for the illusion to work, so the standard way to "read" a flip book is to hold the book with one hand and flip through its pages with the thumb of the other hand. The German word for flip book—Daumenkino, literally "thumb cinema"—reflects this process.

This flipbook by PRS works well as the motion of the image is very simple of a character just walking, but the flip book itself has a nice finish. It looks like, it may well of been a published book of a series of different characters. 

With this flipbook you can see its thicker in width and the sequence lasts for longer as the characters moves in a dance. 

This flip book is really impressive, created by it's difficult enough to draw geometrical and precise. But what this person has done is cut out parts of the shape which gives it a 3D effect as the shape rolls in movement. Literally mind blowing but very cleverly made. 

These flip books made by Paper Bag Records have been made into a music video which must of taken a pain stackingly long time. I like the roughness and use of different papers and efemra then being clamped down with a bulldog clip. 

We Are Will has taken a good contemporary approach with a flip book using photographs instead and stop motion with film. This looks like a long and difficult process, to even get the composition and perspective right. It works very well and for a simple idea of a flip book has taken it a whole new level. 

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