Friday, 27 January 2012


I've had to think about my project properly and think realistically about how i am going to use my time effiencently. Ideally i was planning to create my animation by drawing and scanning up, but learning from creating my title this takes a lot of time. Also i don't think i have got the nack of it properly yet to create something that will work right in timing and look very good at the end result.

I've come back to a reoccuring thought of making my animation be as strong as how i picture it to be. What i'm going to do now is to cut out the characters out of paper and do stop motion, i think this will be easier to make scenes and see the project in a better perspective. I have left this quite late to change my idea but i think i will be able to make a much more successful animation by changing it to this.

I was also thinking about how i would do the phenomes and speech to work effectively with timing, i will be able to achieve this better buy looking at cut outs in paper than drawing. I've been thinking about animations like South Park where its made from paper and how effective it is as a whole outcome.

There is another animated video in this style that literally blew my mind. Fleet Foxes "The Shrine/ An Arguement" this was made from a combination of few artists. Illustrator Stacy Rozich has created these very mystical characters out of paper and made this fantastic story. 

I think i will be able to turn around my project and pull off a better outcome than drawing it in many frames on tracing paper. 

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