Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"I didn't catch his name"

This is the title of the animation, i would like to draw out the whole scene of what happened, myself and this man sitting on a bench whilst he tells me this story. I like the idea of having very subtle guestures, obviously facial expressions and movement. But as there is interference in the tape i could draw scattering rubbish and sand being swept up by the wind or a seagull waddling up then away.

This is a rough sketch of something i am picturing in my head. I'm thinking a very simple animation will have a great outcome for what narrative is being told. Hopefully it will be around 30 seconds, i think i will have to edit the audio as my voice does spoil it. I think i might exclude myself from the audio totally as i'm closer to the mic my voice is very loud and you can hear the real essexs in me. 

Just some small character designs, i think i like the idea of having a very simple stylized character.

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