Friday, 19 August 2011

Black Coffee and Fountain Pens.

I've got a lot of time to kill at the moment as i'm waiting for my passport to be processed, just sitting here in Victoria station. Previously met Jayson and Luke at Hyde Park but i was hating people and having my  case with all my materials and clothes for Berlin. Yeah i'm going to Berlin, i've got stickers to make and hama beads to glue to buildings, and fair few cameras.
Sitting in this cafe with pigeons flying around, probably regret buying food from here. Just listening to Nico and melting, such a stressful day. Woke up late as i stayed up all night watching Curb your Enthusiasm, considered to stay up. Also that dreaded feeling when you know you've lost something, like some books and my birth certificate which i think might still be at the old house. Was considering to cycle over 6.00am this morning but i'm not sure why, i feel abit scared of my old house. Such a sad looking place.
Oh well fuck it.
It costs so much money to be able to sit in somewhere and use your laptop, as you can't just sit there and not buy anything. Firstly i went to Costa and spent like £5 coffee, sandwich which was shit and couldn't even get internet connection. So having to go somewhere else, and on mid course to this place ended up buying a Swatch watch. As i've left mine in bournemouth and that's a perfect excuse to buy another one of course, and then ended up in WHSmiths buying bare magazines and moleskines, came to £30. Like who the fuck spends that, money is never good for me.

I've also got my hand tattooed with a key, but i won't put any pictures up until the ink has dropped out and is less so boldly black. I plan to get a series of shit on my hand and on the crease of my elbow on my forearm, if that makes sense. A portrait of my cat, as she is a top cat and deserves to be there. I'm not weird.
Shit i'm tired.

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