Saturday, 13 August 2011

Just a thought.

Back in bournemouth and i got less than a week to do a essay (which was so irrelevant) to defy whether i'm on second year. I can't even remember what my point was for the contexts and theory, nevermind.
I'm going somewhere next week which i feel i can't say as of yet incase i jinx it, but will be needing to make a load of stickers.
Anyway i'm assuming i will be on for second year otherwise i will hang myself, i might threaten the course board with that, could work. I'm thinking about the animation unit that we have to do, wanting to get it right what sort of thing i chose.
This is what i am expect to create, although this is my friend Jonny Trussel's animation sequence who is going on to third year..

This literally scares me, just works so well, the track and how it's develops. What i'm worried about is that i couldn't really possibly create something digitally like that. But this is why i've been thinking about it now as i want to overcome this sort of reluctantness i have when the tutors mention After Effects, same with Indesign. I dread the fact i will have to learn everything with these programmes.

I would really love to do something along the lines of this..

Body (2004) from Patrick McHale on Vimeo.

The simplicity of it seems to work so effective and probably quite easy to do. Might have to look into it to make one before i go back to uni. The expressions are so spot on, and have a innocence to it even though it's quite menacing.

Oh also, i'm getting so dyslexic it's killing me, anything that i've written probably doesn't make sense as i'm so tired, but felt like i needed to knock this post out.

I'm thinking simple is the most i could achieve realistically, as i have very little idea in what i would be doing. This video i bloody love because it does make you feel quite uncomfortable. I think whatever i will make, depending on the brief, it will have a underlying grimace to it. It's slowly coming out in my work and probably healthy to just let it flourish ha.

I'm watching Waltz with Bashir now, just to give me some ideas what sort of animation i want to do, i'll probs regret this when it cuts the real footage of genocide..
I'm thinking of a lot of things but can't really be bothered to post it now, yeah i really probably shouldn't of watched this film.

You know what, probs end up making some bullshit models and do stop motion.

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