Monday, 8 August 2011

Moomin Card

This was done a while back but i never thought to blog it. It was my friend's birthday and on the way to Brighton i realised i hadn't made him a card as i'm shit like that. So in Southampton bought some Tippex, Glue and Scissors (i will always have pen and paper on me) and made him a card on the train.
It's just a little something, but moomins are amazing in europe they are more vastly popular. In Belgium i used to watch it as a child and love it. 
I wanted to find a clip on youtube of Hattifatteners but couldn't plus what i did find, was the clay version. I don't think i was even born when that was around, i'm all about the animated series, which i'm sure true die hard moomin fans would like to point out it's not the same. I don't care.

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