Wednesday, 31 August 2011

In a nutshell.

Things i've been doing

-Gone to Berlin and did the following:-
-Stuck lots of stickers and hama beads about
-Wish i had more than amateur stickers and hama beads
-Ate a lot of cheese and sushi
-Gained 1 1/2 pounds from cheese and sushi which pleasantly suprised
-Pub crawl and a brawl with my sister
-Night at the museums crawl til 2am
-Went to very good exhibitions which lead to buying the books in german
-Trying to learn german
-Being very cynical
-Bought original artist prints
-Wanting to be by myself and realising i prefer to be a loner
-Drawing and collaging alot
-Debating how to create genocide against wasps

Thats about it really, the moment has passed to write about shit passionately with berlin. But i will put a few photos up, you can see the rest at my flickr or tumblr..

I literally can't be bothered to upload anymore go on the site if you are vaguely interested in what i do, that i doubt.

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