Monday, 23 April 2012


I thought it would be a good research to look into Charities which help people with depression and see how they approach these subjects. I looked into the organisations such as Mind, Depression Alliance Uk and Young Minds.

I have sent them an email regarding what my aims are for this project and few questions on how i could improve my work with ideas they think which would be useful- This is the email i have sent.

My name is Florence Sweeney and I'm currently a second year student studying Illustration at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. I've got a current project going
which will be a film/art installation about Depression and how people don't pick up on it, and how it is a issue. For example, if you have seen Tracey Emin's "My Bed" which caused 
controversy as it wasn't 'art' yet people perfectly ignored the point of it showing a mental break down, just seeing the outside of things. 
I wanted to ask a few questions on what you would think of making a successful impact short film. 

What would be key points to bring out in the informative side?

Is there any ideas or suggestions that could be useful?

What makes you think of depersonalisation, bouts of depression, personal struggles e.g. out of body feeling, tunnel vision, fuzzy head feeling

Is there anything visual come to mind on topic to this?

This is still in the early stages as i haven't yet planned it out as I'm still researching. This will be great help for me, and I appreciate the response very much if you do manage to get the time.
Look forward to hearing back!

'Messin' with our heads' was made by YoungMinds's Very Important Kids (VIK) group.
VIK campaign regionally and feed into national policy-making as well as talking to the media directly about their experiences. Messin' with our heads brings alive the manifesto points.

Although this isn't to my style or taste at all, this video does give good information to the viewer and appeals to a certain age group. I haven't emailed this charity as it is more targeted at children, but it has very valid points to it. 

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