Monday, 23 April 2012


I strongly believe for a fact that all art cures the artist, for whatever means of creating it expresses and can show literally how someone visually sees and feels. When i see a piece of art i  never judge it for how it looks for aesthetics, i look for the mood and senses it gives off. I feel for an atmosphere and try to see what the artist is trying to tell the viewer. People who have such narrow minded opinions of how the aesthetics are on the piece, how it doesn't mean anything at all. I would ask the question 'Was this piece of art made for your pleasing? Are you the desired person to view this? How dare you make an shallow assumption on a piece before you know what it stands for".

But that's just me, in February i went to Barcelona where i felt i had visually and mentally changed my thought process and remembered what i do care for. I've been to Barcelona before but wasn't in the right company to spend hours in the oh so many galleries, this round i did. I felt like i had an education on art, what i really needed and restoration in faith of the arts. I have found myself very lost with what i wanted, cared for or believed in. But that was just in the haze of depression which didn't help, but the main thing that got me through was drawing. 

This is when i realised that i wasn't cut out to make aesthetically pleasing work for clients and really deep down i am just an artists, who is trying to figure my way through life. And the best way of understanding this was through my sketchbooks. This is decided i should put my whole self into my work, quite late in deciding so but i feel i will develop more as an artist than i could ever as an illustrator. 

But anyway, i managed to go to 14 exhibitions at 8 galleries. I felt as i walked through the large gallery rooms adorned with art that i understood images and understood the concept better than ever before. 
For example Picasso where you see his earliest work in the 19th Centuary is very traditional painting, then  20th Century where he has hit his blue period you understand the painter emotionally as it was the spanish civil war, world wars current, and so on.

With MirĂ³ who has had many bouts of depression you can see how he work has developed, from intricate catalan painting to very surrealist and abstract triptychs. As i walked through each gallery space seeing how his work progress i could see how he as an artist, developed his process of thought. Using space as a medium and making it apparent. Like in  'Painting on White Background for the Cell of a Recluse' Using a simple line against so much negative space, it creates an atmosphere. Instead of drawings present it more points to what it is that is being shown and lets the viewer think about it. 

It completely does my head in when someone would walk up to a painting and just say, well what is it? Its just a squiggle on three massive canvas, but not think out of the drawing and see what it is intact like an installation. 

This being another triptych 'Blue' which is shown successfully well placed in a gallery enabling the viewer to sit in and take it all in. Let them think of what it means, what it could relate to them. This piece represents isolation and detachment, i personally think it works very well to that description. 

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