Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I aim to research into artists, charities, films, text and people that are relevant to this topic. Look into how artists have portrayed their work through mental illness and their experiences, how people perceive the world to be when depressed. Films that represent these issues and text related quotes, i want to get a very large scope on what i am researching into so i can achieve a successful film. I will have sound recordings of conversations with people who relate to this, and i will record myself at counseling talking about these issues so i can capture thoughts i wasn't aware of.

Looking into how other people cope and deal with the illness it will broaden my ideas to be able to relate my work to how others feel. As i will use myself as primary research, with the work i already create it is like therapy as i get feelings that are hard to express out properly. I will look into charities and ask questions in what i could involve key points in my film and research into art therapies too.

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