Tuesday, 15 November 2011


The new project that we are currently starting on is Narrative, literally can do whatever we like aslong it follows a narrative. I'm definitely going to do an animation sequence as I want to set myself a real challenge, as i have never animated anything. I've found myself to be always looking at different videos on youtube and vimeo for hours and will take this into consideration for a future career perhaps. Even debating to do a MA in Animation after graduating at AUCB.

What i want to do is to record peoples conversations and animate like 15 seconds of it, then go onto another snippet. I find myself when i walk i always pick up on odd sentences from people that past me by and always find it amuses. To combine a couple of what people say into a over lap of conversation would be interesting, this week if i can get my hands on a voice recorder I'm going to try capture some peoples random conversations.

I find this video really charming, as the idea is so simple and works so well. Lara Lee animates the children into what they describe to be their favorite animal, which is interesting as she doesn't literally draw for example, a horse. But how the child actually says and if you were not to know what this animal looks like.

My Favourite Animal (Full Ver.) from Lara Lee on Vimeo.

  I want to for an experiment to try and animate some sketches, build up a body of testers of different ways of animating. Even if it's a couple of seconds long, i can get a feel of what it's like. This short clip of a boy being mislead by some demon I think is so effective. In the way you can see each sketch that has been lapsed and captured the emotions in the face so well. That's the one thing i'm worried about if i can't capture the right expressions on faces or gestures.

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