Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My brand spanking new desk.

This is my work space, thanks to a friend who has left the course to discover the world i have this amazing desk. Built in light box, big enough to fit my legs under and enough room to stretch... Scanner and A3 printer fit nicely. Also I drilled in some hinges in the desk so now i can screen print in the pleasure of my own room.

This desk is also great to take spacious methodical pictures of the work i'm doing, which may seem dumb. But this desk is probably the best thing that has happened to me, clear working space and a clear mind.
But yeah this is what i've been doing along side the narrative unit, lino printing for the Boscanova/Beach Hut Exhibition. Themed winter, i'm making some cards with a deer looking up at the stars. Not too overwhelmingly christmassy but festive enough. This isn't obviously the final print, i was too eager to see what it will look like i put a book and my body weight on top the lino. Tomorrow i shall take it to the print room to do properly, hopefully if there is any space and time!

Family and Friends expect these on the festive holidays!

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