Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Few ideas

I've been thinking over the week what sort of thing i would like to do, which is definitely animation as i want to have a decent head start before the next unit. I really love the idea of recording a mixture of different people's voices on a old tape recorder. Which will sound a bit dated and have a difference of accents and ages.

The point i'm trying to make i guess, is that i feel at the moment with peoples voices today it just doesn't sound as distinctive as it used to. I love how sort of charming different peoples voices used to be like from videos i've seen.
Perfect example is The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine.' through out the film you can just listen to their liverpool accents bubble on and sound quite crackled on old recording. It definitely gives a charm throughout the film. Also the very psychedelic animation interests me a lot.

Which leads me to another video, actually there are so many animations i love here is a few on the sort of morphing and contorting sort...

Flying Lotus- Zodiac Shit
Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (apparently they “produced” the video)
This animation for me makes me feel like it's the balance of life, it falls into itself so well. It made me panic as i wondered how the hell they get the imagination to morph the creatures into another. But yesterday i was trying (first time, quite a poor attempt) with tracing paper to animate and morph a fish baby. I guess once your drawing the different stages you can think many different things as you see it change. Obviously this is at a ridiculous skill and level, but maybe tomorrow i will be able to make my little fish baby animation grow.

Blockhead- The Music Scene
Official music video for Blockhead's 'The Music Scene'.
An animated mind melt into a post human New York where TV and animals rule. All cast to the sincerely melodic soul of Blockhead's 'The Music Scene.'
Directimated by A.F.Schepperd
Commissioned by Ninjatune Records
Music by Blockhead

This is such an amazing video and was made by one person which is absaloutley crazy. Morphing animations i find interesting and to have the imagination to be able to contort and create new imagery is very talented. It may seem tacky and cliche that most people love to watch these when fucked, but i'm not going to lie i really do love watching them when swear i'm seeing kaleidoscopes.

Liquid TV

This, is probably one of my favorite things to find, as i wasn't alive when it was aired. But MTV have short animations by Liquid TV that contained sordid chaos, overwhelming shit to the viewing in varied animated ways. I love it. How it's so trashy and obnoxious. Which i'm guessing all the angsty teens in america it totally 'got' them they probs felt. I don't know, i find i like sort of animations that really push it and can be controversial or perverse in a sort of fucked up way.

This is one of my favourite shorts from Liquid TV

Liquid TV
Art School Girls of Doom
'The Bra'

It's so manic, trashy and confusing. Bare in mind these girls are actually men, though got to give it to them they look amazing. The use of collage and film, especially with a big fly crawling about it, and random very close ups. I think i'm defiantly going to give these sort of animation a go.

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