Saturday, 18 June 2011

Three punnets of Cherries, 2 Pepsi Max, ibuprofen and a little bag of minstrels..

is what i ended up getting on the way to the gym and ended up not going..
Today is a write off, its the one day a month i can allow ha.
I've finally got a job now in Telesales, which is okay because i am going to be rolling in bitches and riches.
When i get my paycheck in first thing i will buy is a screen printing set and start making stuff that i could possibly sell!

Jus been playing around with some National Geographics i bought from a car boot sale. Twenty copies for £1, bargain.
At first when i made these sort of collages i didn't really understand why i made them. But when i dug a little deeper it all makes sense really, it is something about me ha.

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