Friday, 3 June 2011


I hate the world. Why won't any one hire me? or stop sending me ridiculous bills i.e. Sewage bills £371.24, or have successful job interviews? I've signed up for job seekers allowance, thats right the dole. But i reckon i do need it, as i've been searching high and low for a job, the worst thing is when you have an interview and they don't even call back to tell you the verdict. Thanks a heap Lush, you bunch of soap fucking vegetarians. To think i slaved over making them a covering letter, yeah you had to make them something, and go through two sets of interviews before you know if you got the job? Fuck off Lush, your standards are too high for selling mud.
My last hope before i want to hang myself is Card Bar in town tomorrow, if i don't get this job then i will slit my eyes. I will feel sorry for myself as i have received the worst hand of cards in life, no exaggeration. And if you think differ i will slap you with that deck.
Rant to be continued..

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