Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Preppin' and pastin'

Just getting most of my work rounded up and chosing what i'm going to paste tomorrow. I'm looking at weeds and organic forms that grow around us but we don't realise or we just take it for granted. Just leaving them in places where you would expect them to be if you really did look.
I know that carry this on through on over the summer, as with more time i reckon i could achieve alot. 
I was going to spend my time drawing more plants, but i thought about it and wasn't too sure if these would work successfully as a paste. I've been looking at drawing fungus and such forms and creating a much simpler design.

These are just a selected few that i have done.
I wanted to use a select amount of colour, just enough for it to look simple, yet eye catching.
Planning to set these about town tomorrow evening, so photographs will be following up.

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