Monday, 30 May 2011


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I went to visit my sister as she had her Graduate Fashion Show in Knitwear, you can check out her stuff here, it's really worth it. CLICK HERE
I spent my time in nottingham making stickers on the train, 6 hours is alot of spare time...
Approaching sticker art more than i have done before, as i did look into vinyl stickers but no way could i afford it, so i've been making my own. Which i guess i think look alot better in a way?
Here are some photographs, bare in mine when i put them out at night i was quite drunk, and ended up sticking them on people...
Excuse the poor quality, as my other camera is still being annoying so i've just used my iphone as it's easier.
I was hoping my stickers would blend in perfectly with some advertisement. 

                                         This guy didn't really get what was happening..
I love this guy, i'm not sure what he was dressed up as, someone from thunderbirds maybe? He appreciated the slap on the butt cheek with ugly. 

Ha, i love this, why did someone feel the need to write "Sex?" Like back at home in essexs, down the road at my local corner shop someone has written "Kirsty is fat." What a statement that is, i love what must go through some peoples minds..
                                                                           Android love

big belly?
Gap feelin' ugly
I wish i had some coffee capsules.
I was abit too eager for my sister to find this in her car..
Weird tap thing.

Optimus came join the party, i love hand drawn stickers. But i kept seeing this little robot thing all around notts, if anyone knows who it is i'd love to know!

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