Tuesday, 1 February 2011

So when does something true becomes an excuse?

I feel like i come up with alot of stupid excuses and then i make some far fetched excuses to cover it up. But when can you actually say, "Yeah i am pretty shit, i have a good reason to be, i'm sorry" and get away with it? Instead i make up some stupid excuse which there fore makes me feel even more redunkiculous. Denial is m best friend, so that's why i'm always 'happy'. Kicking alot of home truths like the sorrow in this pugs eyes. Dunno where this came from but hey.
Enjoy this dog.
I'm glad i have people on the same level, today is my first of February,  (i fucked up yesterday's first of feb. I spent it lying in bed staring out the window at the blue skies.) I dunno how i can tell my tutor, hey i'm really shit and i have reasons to be with out sounding like bullshit.
Waiting to sober up before i head into uni, i feel i'm three quarters through the process, after a hot shower i'll be good to go.

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