Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I could actually scream.

But first, watch this.

I'm so tired and drained yet i can't sleep due to a few reasons. Firstly snoring, this kid needs to sort out his sinuses, no offence. Felt nauseous and spent the whole day trying to sort my life out as i've lost my passport. I'm meant to be going to Amsterdam soon..

Meant to be also to be doing book binding today but that is if i don't fall flat on my face and pass out from weariness. Really am hatin'

But on a positive note, Spandler is coming down this weekend for other engagements but it means i get to see moominpapa and have a knees up.

I think i'm going to play buckaroo with george and see how many ear buds i can stick on the orifices  on his face...

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