Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I'm so shit, all i want is a decent Negative scanner.

I've pissed all my money up the wall pretty much, i do seriously think i have a spending problem. I'm not really a materialistic person, but i just like buying weird cameras, Cds and illustrator related stuff. And alcohol and cigarettes, definitely jaegermister.

I really don't know what is wrong with me but i know what i'm doing, but i just keep thinking fuck it, i'm young. It hasn't done me any favours and just become more erratic. Feel like i've lost the value in money and when i buy something i don't feel i appreciate it enough. Where as when working in Fopp i had to scrap and save everything and when i bought something i would be so happy, like my fish tank, which i had to give away as i can't afford it no more, bad times.

Some of the things i can't even justify why i've bought it, such as a hula hula dashboard girl for the car which i bought. Which, i can't even drive it yet legally, i feel so stupid.
Nether the less, ebay is my source now i am selling all the shit i have ecumilated over the past year, i have so little to show for myself. It's strange how when people say need "Retail Theraphy" i reckon i actually am one of them victims, but not for retail just for antics, charity shops, and jumble sales and of course expensive camera shops.

I know i can afford to live in my new house this coming september but it's all very tight with cash, i'm just going to have to live off 8p noodles which is fine with me. Realisation of being 19 next month and having to actually grow the fuck up is too much to bare.

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