Monday, 2 August 2010

I'm done with tumblr, and returning to blog spot.

As i've ranted on my tumblr blog i'm fed up of seeing little girls steal other people's work and say it's theirs. No, just no. Also when they do take photographs they are like out of focus but were even probably taking it with Auto on.

I know my blog looks abit bland at the moment, but as i can see from my last post since april, i gave up in fury.

All shall change,

I'm hoping i loose followers, i've got 128 and after this post i hope they start dropping like flies.

"i reckon i don't really like tumblr..
As it’s full of 15 year old girls, being plagaristic and forwarding photographs they find “inspiring” or “pretty” of skinny girls in the woods or sitting on a window sill.
Your shit if you are one of these kids. 
I might resolve back to blogspot, even though it didn’t work with me. 
I bet i loose alot of followers, but hey it’s cutting the crap. 
Also there is like no real genuine art work on this blogging site, and when there is, it’s fucking good. 
I reckon i’m out, only whack photos on and spam you fuckers up. 
I bought a well ugly plate yesterday of a squid and a frog fighting, i know you are jealous. 

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