Thursday, 3 May 2012

One idea of what I would like to produce is a feeling of being submersed, under water or underground. Where it feels dense, heavy like feeling underwater where you can’t make much sense of things. I have been taking clips of the underground in London and sound clips, as I think it would be good to contribute it to my film. You can’t get signal underground or sea level, it’s kind of a out of touch feeling as you can’t communicate with anyone.

The noise of the tube as it screeches and thunders along is quite disorientating and could be a good asset to use in my work.

Also muffled and distant conversations overlapping the film to give a sort of distances between reality and other people and what they are talking and how it doesn’t make sense to you.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the Aquarium and film the large tanks underwater and show another world feeling, I want to look at patterns caused by water and waves and currents.

I have filmed the sun rise on the beach and it was visually amazing as the sea was a cool pink in reflection and the shore was frothy from the waves. 

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