Monday, 26 September 2011

Been a while

But things were hectic and i find it hard to keep organised or focused on things that are important.
But whenever i know i'm going to write a post with a certain feel something always changes that, like i thought i would be excited to scan up all my Berlin photos but i haven't yet. Actually, might do that now as i'm in no state to sleep i think.

Just flicking through other peoples blogs and see how they haven't made a post in like over 9 months, probably because at the beginning of uni they were told to make a blog and didn't have one. It's strange how i always see that i have to write on this at least couple times a month, even though i know mostly no one will see it, but that doesn't really concern me much. I'm crap at writing and this is the best i will ever do!

"Neil Young is like black coffee, acquired taste and doesn't make sense to children."

I just read that somewhere and well i think it's a good quote. It's strange how my tastes have dramatically changed, not with Neil Young, but like how i couldn't drink black coffee for ages and now that i have recently. I feel like even in my head the way i think has dramatically changed turning myself against what i would normally want. Worst of all i knew completely where i was going with life and what i wanted to do, never been so lost as of late. I'm thinking i'm better alone, serious note.

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